Dr. Fred McGhee, has generously provided the following template in case you are interested in voicing your support for the Montopolis community’s most current rezoning crisis.

Dear (insert name of city council member),

My name is (insert name) and I am a resident of Austin City Council district (insert district number). I am writing to ask you to vote AGAINST any single-family zoning change requests located inside the Montopolis planning area, especially the six zoning cases that were presented before the Planning Commission at its June 23rd meeting.  The Montopolis community has expressed opposition to these increases in zoning entitlements, and I believe you should support the community’s wishes.  We can do better.

Please consider the following:
1.  The ecology of Montopolis is very sensitive, in terms of both natural as well as cultural resources.  It is a community prone to flooding.  The local environment cannot accommodate the dramatic increases in impervious cover that would accompany these zoning entitlement increases. For instance the impervious cover percentage at 508 Kemp St. is currently less than two percent.  Similar open space currently exists at the other lots.2.  The Montopolis Neighborhood Plan calls for these properties to be zoned SF-3.  Montopolis already has an over-concentration of multifamily, townhouse, industrial, and commercially zoned property, and dearth of properly maintained parkland.
3.  The “Housing” issue is a non-issue. The Montopolis CDC should be in the lead in the development of housing in Montopolis, not profit-maximizing outside interests.
Most important is this:  Montopolis is a community of mostly low-income families.  It is a community that believes in family values.  They should not be pushed or priced out of their own neighborhood.

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